PAS Accreditation Success

Pas 2030

Diversity Energy is celebrating after successfully achieving PAS 2030 accreditation.

PAS 2030 is a Publicly Available Specification (PAS) for the installation of energy efficiency measures in existing buildings.

It is a British Standards Institute (BSI) standard which sets out the requirements for installing, commissioning,and handing over energy efficiency measures (EEMs) in domestic retrofit projects.

It is also the industry specification for which all energy efficiency installers must be certified to, and compliant with, when carrying out energy efficiency measures under government initiatives such as ECO.This new standard for the project management and installation of retrofit measures, delivers a whole building approach to the retrofit process, considering the home, environment, occupancy and the householders' improvement objectives when determining the most suitable measures to install.

This is done by assessing a property and looking at what aspects can be changed and what eco friendly measures can be installed to improve energy efficiency.

These efforts advocate retrofit work that encourages:

  • Improvement to the purpose and robustness of buildings by installing eco friendly measures
  • Improvement to health benefits and wellbeing of tenants and visitors to properties by improving ventilation within properties and improving the comfort of homes
  • Improvement to energy efficiency which in result will lead to a reduction in fuel use. In turn this will reduce fuel expenses and pollution- especially greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy use, resulting in a more comfortable living environment
  • Reducing the environmental impact to buildings by reducing pollution and energy use
  • Safeguarding and enriching the architectural and cultural heritage as represented within the building materials of properties
  • Minimizing the shortfall in the results that may occur when reductions in fuel use, fuel cost and carbon dioxide emissions are not as large as first thought or envisioned
  • By avoiding unintentional consequences related to any of the above points

Achieving the PAS accreditation allows Diversity Energy to provide installations compliant to the latest regulations and at a high standard, ensuring the installations work well with the building fabrics and access to government funding is available.

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