Room In Roof Insulation

Insulation can be installed in a room in the roof space or underneath the roof space, for example an attic or loft conversion, to help retain heat and also to increase water resistance.

Room In Roof Insulation

What is Room In Roof Insulation?

Room In Roof Insulation (RIRI) is the process of installing insulation boards or spray foam between roof rafters to seal the roof and walls tight and retain more heat inside the property.

The term room in roof insulation is used for homes with a loft or attic that is being used as a living space or room, often characterised by sloping ceilings.

Room in roof cannot be another storey of the building, and so to determine this, the height of any vertical walls should not be over 1.8 metres.Insulation installed helps to retain heat within the property, whilst also providing the roof space with an extra layer of water-resistance to prevent rain damage, whilst still allowing use of the space.

If you do not use your loft as a living space, standard loft insulation is more suitably recommended.

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We will also be able to advise if you are eligible for any grant funding towards meeting the cost of the energy improvements, such as ECO Grant funding.

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