Gas Inspection

Landlords must by law have a gas safety check carried out in their properties annually. Certificates are issued by our Gas Safe registered engineers confirming appliances are safe for use.

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Why are Gas Inspections required?

Gas appliances can produce carbon monoxide (CO), a highly poisonous gas which occurs when natural gas or liquid petroleum gas (LPG) doesn’t burn as it should.

Gas leaks, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning are hazards of use of faulty gas appliances or systems. This can result in serious illness and even death.

In order to ensure gas appliances are safe for use and operating without hazard, a gas safety inspection is required.

Upon completion of the assessment by the Gas Safe registered engineer, a certificate is issued confirming the gas appliances and systems are conformant and safe for use.

It is also recommended (in some parts of the UK it is now law) that carbon monoxide monitors are installed as an early warning system should a gas appliance become faulty. Diversity Energy can also assist with the installation of these monitoring systems.

Who is responsible for Gas Safety checks?

Landlords are legally responsible for all gas appliances within the properties they own, and must by law have a gas safety check carried out annually.

A CP12 gas certificate, also known as a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate will be issued upon successful inspection.

Landlords must give their tenants a copy of the valid Gas Safety Certificate before they move into the property.

Rental properties must have a gas safety inspection carried out every year.

Gas safety checks are required by:

  • Landlords

  • Local authorities

  • Housing associations

  • Hostels

  • Hotels and B&Bs

  • Colleges

  • Boarding schools

How can we help?

Our Gas Safe registered engineers can provide inspections of gas systems and appliances. They can offer advice and carry out any rectifications required to enhance gas safety to meet required standards, and issue Gas Safe certificates for safe and approved systems.

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