Extractor Fan Installation

Properties experiencing poor ventilation, or damp or condensation issues, may benefit from the installation of extractor fans to support ventilation.

Extractor fan

When are extractor fans required?

Extractor fans may be installed in a property which is experiencing issues with poor ventilation, resulting in the presence of damp or condensation. The presence of damp can damage buildings and may also cause health problems.

Extractor fans help by removing excess moisture from the air within the property, dispelling it to the outside, which helps to prevent the formation of damp and mould inside the property.

While it may not be a legal requirement, for Building Standards purposes, to have a bathroom extractor fan, it is always good practice to include some form of ventilation in your bathroom to remove excess moisture and damp.

How can we help?

Our team will assess the property and make recommendations via the ventilation strategy to improve the ventilation in the property.

Our qualified electricians can also source the appropriate ventilation equipment and undertake the installation process through to completion.

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