Student Placement Just The Job For Riyadh


Diversity Energy has enhanced its team of professionals by offering a student placement.

Riyadh Nacef, a third year student at Robert Gordon's University, studying Architectural Technology, has recently joined the diversity team.

Riyadh is undertaking a one year placement at Diversity Energy to gain experience in the workplace as part of his studies.

Formerly a fully qualified heating and plumbing engineer, Riyadh decided to go back to higher education to advance his knowledge and further his abilities in building design.

Commenting on his decision to join Diversity, Riyadh said, "My decision was largely based on the wide range of services that Diversity offers. I have an interest in the design of buildings, and how they are made comfortable, functional and safe and can enhance my knowledge in this area in my day to day role here."

He continued, "With the increasingly evident impact of climate change, and the rise of fuel prices affecting a large percentage of the population within the UK, improving energy efficiency, reducing energy bills and reducing our overall carbon emissions is extremely important, and Diversity is working hard to contribute towards this. It is great experience to be in a fast paced environment learning alongside an active team."

In his role as Trainee Retrofit Coordinator, Riyadh supports Retrofit Coordinator, Kimberley Hendry, in carrying out site and desk surveys to inspect the conditions and energy performance of properties, and subsequently offer measures to improve the energy efficiency and energy performance of a building.

Within his job role, Riyadh is hopeful he will gain more experience and develop an in-depth understanding of retrofitting, with the aim of going on to qualify as a Retrofit Coordinator, and then as a Retrofit Designer once he graduates from university.

Riyadh adds, "I feel I've settled in as part of the team really quickly, everyone has been really welcoming and friendly, and there are opportunities to socialise within teambuilding activities and we have lots of social events too. Combined with the opportunities to gain more training and qualifications, on top of the experience I get everyday, as well as the career possibilities here at Diversity, I feel I made a great choice by joining the Diversity team."

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